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EQTC 2023


Chaymae Senhaji
Hermínia Ribeiro
Isabel Godinho
Lydia Sanmarti
Mariana Ferreira-Ramos
Mário Caldeira
Paraskevi Ganoti
Yasser Omar
Ziyad Amodjee


Andris Ambainis
Anna Kamińska
Anna Sanpera
Eleni Diamanti
Felix Wissel
Laura Schulz
Markus Arndt
Nikolay Vitanov
Ticijana Ban
Thierry Debuisschert
Yasser Omar


Lydia Sanmarti

Gaëlle Decroix

Oscar Diez

Philippe Grangier

Rainer Müller

Tommaso Calarco

Yasser Omar

ABOUT THE Quantum Flagship

One of the most ambitious long-term research and innovation initiatives of Europe


The Quantum Flagship is a large-scale initiative with over €1 billion funding and a 10-year timescale, launched in 2018. It consists of a set of research and innovation projects selected through a thorough peer-review process. Calls for projects are issued based on a community-validated Strategic Research Agenda, ensuring that all actors are aligned in the pursuit of the Quantum Flagship’s goals. The goal is to consolidate and expand European scientific leadership and excellence in this research area, to kick-start a competitive European industry in Quantum Technologies and to make Europe a dynamic and attractive region for innovative research, business and investments in this field.

The long-term horizon is a “Quantum Web”: Quantum computers, simulators and sensors interconnected via quantum networks distributing information and quantum resources such as coherence and entanglement. On the corresponding time scale – which is in fact longer than 10 years – the performance increase resulting from quantum technologies will yield unprecedented computing power, guarantee data privacy and communication security, and provide ultra-high precision synchronization and measurements for a range of applications available to everyone locally and in the cloud.

The Portuguese Quantum Institute (PQI) is a new institute devoted to research, innovation, education, and outreach in Quantum Information Science and Technologies.

PQI builds on 18 years of experience in developing quantum information science and technology, including 7 European and 1 American research projects, and one doctoral programme.


1. Research and development within science and quantum tech spectrum

2. Involve the private and public sector stakeholders in Quantum Technologies, and in the PQI activities.

3. Training activities

4. International participation in the science and quantum tech spectrum

5. Explain what Quantum Technologies are to the general population, namely in Portugal.

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